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Life is like a rollercoaster..   Leave a comment

I have been neglecting my blog, and for that I do apologise, but things have been manic around here.

Firstly it’s been school holidays which have been crazy busy but boy am I sad that they are now drawing to a close.  I’m dreading the early morning wake-ups and lunch box packing sessions, but mostly I’ll just miss having loads of leisure time with my little ones.  The time really is passing way too fast.

5-a-day Fridge Magnets

Secondly I’ve just launched my new venture, Conscious-Living.  Child Health and Nutrition is a topic that I am very passionate about which is why my new 5-a-day Fridge Magnet venture is so important to me.   The premise is that customer purchases a pack of 30 fridge magnets depicting pictures of the most available fruits & veggies.  Each time a child consumes a fruit or vegetable they are allowed to put the corresponding magnet on the fridge.  The children should be taught to aim to have at the very least 5 fridge magnets up each and every day – and believe me it is amazing what children will eat just for the pleasure of putting a fridge magnet up!  It has been working like an absolute charm with my own children and I have already gotten some fantastic feedback from customers, so I really am a very happy camper at the moment!  I’m also planning some charity related ventures in the future (in conjunction with Conscious-Living), so watch this space!

On some slightly sadder news it appears almost definite that one of my very best friends will be emigrating to Australia in the next few months.  As much as I love living in South Africa one of the very sad pitfalls is that you have to get used to being the one being left behind.  It first started when I was in Grade 2 – my best friend in the world emigrated to the USA and believe me when I tell you that it hasn’t stopped since then.  I just said goodbye to two very good friends in November last year, and now I’m getting ready to do it all again.  It’s awfully, awfully sad but I do realise that they have wanted this for a while and as their friend it is my job to support them, and to be happy for them.  I am however unutterably sad for myself, and for the friendship that I know will inevitably grow apart over time.


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Another step closer to christmas..   1 comment

Okay, a little bit premature?  Maybe 🙂

But still.  In a few short days we will be in July, and we will be over halfway to Christmas.  Where is the time going?

My sister got engaged recently and at the moment we are having loads of fun planning her wedding.  At one stage we were chatting and giggling when she got a quiet and said “You know, in 20 years – this could be you planning C’s (my daughter) wedding.”

Now I know that 20 years sounds nice and far away – but my sister is quite right.  In 20 years it could well be my daughter getting married and if I think of how quickly the last 5 years since she was born have slipped by…well it’s scary to think how quickly that day might come.

We went to watch Toy Story 3D this week-end (just as an aside it is a fabulous movie, we all loved it and both my children were completely riveted throughout) and there were a few things there that literally had me tearing up – watching how Andy had grown up so ‘quickly’, outgrown his toys, was going off to college etc.  It really touched me, and reminded me how fleeting time is.

Then this morning my daughter asked me why I cuddle her brother in bed (they usually both come through to our bed in the early hours of the morning, but my little guy always lies on the edge of the bed and I put my arms around him to keep him from falling off.  He then ALWAYS grabs my opposite arm because there is a mole on it that he has claimed as his comfort  toy.  This makes it incredibly difficult to cuddle my daughter in bed at the same time).  Anyhow the point is that at this point this gorgeous girl of mine still craves those kisses and cuddle – she still wants them and before too long there will be a day when she won’t want them anymore.

SO my (very long winded) thought for the day is Carpe Diem – seize the day, and seize the moment.

Every day these children of ours are growing and learning, and while that is such an amazing blessing these are also days that we will never be able to get back once they are gone.

So for now I’m off to cuddle my ‘babies’.  Because I can.

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*Happy dance*   2 comments

Whoop whoop!

So AF made her appearance and all is good!  I was disappointed for all of..oh..about 3 seconds, before I realised that this is definitely ‘right’.  I can now finally pack away my ‘neurotic’ hat – I’m really not normally all crazy like this, but this whole episode really shook me to my core!

I’ve also managed to acquire a bit of a tummy bug to boot – which explains why I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous in the past few days!  Nevertheless I’m not feeling too awful and just quite grateful that I don’t have to destroy my hubby’s world!

I did learn one thing from all this though and that is that despite the fact that this is not the right time for us to have a third – I definitely do still yearn for a third baby…someday.   I will keep breaking down working on my hubby and maybe within a year or two when things are more settled we’ll be able to try?!  Or maybe by then I’ll have changed my mind again, who knows.  But for now I’m happy and relieved!

Thanks for the support 🙂

Apart from that I had a lovely time drinking wine at midday with my gal-pal (because I can!) and giggling like a teenager with her all afternoon while our kids danced and played all around us.  Was lots of fun!

Life is good!!!!!!!!!

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Still freaking..   1 comment

Okay, so no sign of AF yet and I am on day 30 of my cycle (well if I had to come on today it would be a 29-day cycle).  My cycle hasn’t been longer than 30 days ONCE in the whole 2 years that I’ve been tracking my cycle online.  So if I don’t come on by tomorrow night I’m officially allowed to stress. Big time!

I’m still completely frustrating myself by not knowing what I want.  I *know* I’ll be disappointed if I do suddenly get my period and turn out not to be preggie, but by the same token I’ll be terrified if I am.  Then I keep having to remind myself actually it’s already done – I either am, or I’m not.  It doesn’t help stressing about it and at this point there is no just is what it is.  And then I feel sick at the thought of not knowing for a few more days.  And sick at the thought of finding out for sure.  Not to mention second guessing symptoms all the time – I have been feeling quite nauseous these past few days BUT that could simply be side-effect of stress.  Because I am stressing.  A lot.

Lol.  Are you getting any idea of how het up I am about all of this??? 🙂

Apart from period-watch, I’ve had a good day.  We’re on school holidays at the moment so to get out for a bit we met some friends out at a kiddy-friendly restaurant and spent a few lovely relaxing hours chatting and catching up with the mum’s while the children ran wild.  Was lots of fun 🙂

Now my 5 year old daughter, C, is playing at a friends house while J is relaxing in front of the telly for a few minutes.  Oh the joys of being young and unemcumbered 🙂 🙂

(As an aside my daughter just told me out of the blue this morning that I should have another baby.  She wants another brother because her one “is just so awesome”.  And she’d also like a sister.  EEEEEEEEK!!!)

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Proudly South African!!!   Leave a comment

Just watched our boys play their last match for the SWC (Soccer World Cup).  Despite their 2-1 win they are not eligible to go through to the next round.  While I am of course disappointed that they aren’t going through I am so, so very proud of our very own Bafana Bafana for playing their hearts out tonight.

At this moment, win or lose, I am just so proud to be South African – the vibe here is just incredible, and I can only hope that it doesn’t go cold now that Bafana Bafana aren’t in it anymore.


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The one where I fall apart – just a little bit   3 comments

I am freaking out.  I need to talk about this but I don’t know who to turn to.  I’m feeling so much right now that I don’t even know how I feel – I feel happy, sad, stressed, elated, terrified, excited, worried etc etc.  It’s all getting a bit much now.

About two weeks ago my dh and I had unprotected relations.  Smart? Notsomuch.  But what is done is done and I guess the best of us find ourselves in these situations every so often? Yes?? Please?  Anyone????? 🙂  We have only been using cond.oms since the birth of my daughter 5 years ago, as I have become a lot more careful about what hormones I put into my body, and my dh was happy with that.  But after 5 years of CAREFUL use we have started getting careless every now and again.  Mostly it was still fairly careful carelessness (lol) e.g. faaaaar away from ovulation times, with no happy ending without cover etc etc.

BUT this last time – notsomuch.  It happened 3.5 days before I ovulated.  With no protection whatsoever.  Of course when I checked dates the next day I was tempted to get the morning after pill, but after reading up on it I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I’ve always mentioned wanting a third child.  I often mentioned it to my dh but alas he is (and always has been) very, very anti the whole idea.  Extremely anti.  As in look me in the face and hiss “IWILLDIVORCEYOU” kind of anti.  I certainly wasn’t planning another baby right now – but I was still very hopeful that someday…  So for me there is much potential joy and excitement amongst the fear and stress.  I am very worried about how my dh will take the news, if indeed there is news to share, so I haven’t even worried him with the possibility that there may be worries ahead, just yet.  Hence my need to share here before my head explodes!

What will my dh say? Our house isn’t big enough! Our cars aren’t big enough! How I will I cope with 3 children? Oh my hat what if it’s twins?!? are just some of the thoughts whirling through my head all the time these days.

It’s exhausting being on such a rollercoaster when at this point I know nothing really and I may not even be pregnant!  For now all I know is that today I am on day 28 of a cycle that is usually 26-30 days long.  And of course the fact that I had unprotected s*x 4 days before I ovulated on this very cycle.

I cannot face the idea of telling dh that I am pregnant (if I even am), so my plan is this.  If by day 31 AF still has not arrived I will tell dh that I am ‘late’.  I will POAS and leave the room and we can check the result together.  Or maybe I’ll send him in to do it, lol.


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The one where it all begins…   Leave a comment

So I’ve decided that it’s time for me to begin a blog.

I’m a happily married, 29 year old stay at home mom to two gorgeous children.  My daughter is 5 and my son is 3 and they both bring me unbelievable joy.

I want this blog as a reminder of what we go through in our day to day lives, a record of the trials and triumphs that we go through.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride 🙂

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