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I have been neglecting my blog, and for that I do apologise, but things have been manic around here.

Firstly it’s been school holidays which have been crazy busy but boy am I sad that they are now drawing to a close.  I’m dreading the early morning wake-ups and lunch box packing sessions, but mostly I’ll just miss having loads of leisure time with my little ones.  The time really is passing way too fast.

5-a-day Fridge Magnets

Secondly I’ve just launched my new venture, Conscious-Living.  Child Health and Nutrition is a topic that I am very passionate about which is why my new 5-a-day Fridge Magnet venture is so important to me.   The premise is that customer purchases a pack of 30 fridge magnets depicting pictures of the most available fruits & veggies.  Each time a child consumes a fruit or vegetable they are allowed to put the corresponding magnet on the fridge.  The children should be taught to aim to have at the very least 5 fridge magnets up each and every day – and believe me it is amazing what children will eat just for the pleasure of putting a fridge magnet up!  It has been working like an absolute charm with my own children and I have already gotten some fantastic feedback from customers, so I really am a very happy camper at the moment!  I’m also planning some charity related ventures in the future (in conjunction with Conscious-Living), so watch this space!

On some slightly sadder news it appears almost definite that one of my very best friends will be emigrating to Australia in the next few months.  As much as I love living in South Africa one of the very sad pitfalls is that you have to get used to being the one being left behind.  It first started when I was in Grade 2 – my best friend in the world emigrated to the USA and believe me when I tell you that it hasn’t stopped since then.  I just said goodbye to two very good friends in November last year, and now I’m getting ready to do it all again.  It’s awfully, awfully sad but I do realise that they have wanted this for a while and as their friend it is my job to support them, and to be happy for them.  I am however unutterably sad for myself, and for the friendship that I know will inevitably grow apart over time.


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