Another step closer to christmas..   1 comment

Okay, a little bit premature?  Maybe 🙂

But still.  In a few short days we will be in July, and we will be over halfway to Christmas.  Where is the time going?

My sister got engaged recently and at the moment we are having loads of fun planning her wedding.  At one stage we were chatting and giggling when she got a quiet and said “You know, in 20 years – this could be you planning C’s (my daughter) wedding.”

Now I know that 20 years sounds nice and far away – but my sister is quite right.  In 20 years it could well be my daughter getting married and if I think of how quickly the last 5 years since she was born have slipped by…well it’s scary to think how quickly that day might come.

We went to watch Toy Story 3D this week-end (just as an aside it is a fabulous movie, we all loved it and both my children were completely riveted throughout) and there were a few things there that literally had me tearing up – watching how Andy had grown up so ‘quickly’, outgrown his toys, was going off to college etc.  It really touched me, and reminded me how fleeting time is.

Then this morning my daughter asked me why I cuddle her brother in bed (they usually both come through to our bed in the early hours of the morning, but my little guy always lies on the edge of the bed and I put my arms around him to keep him from falling off.  He then ALWAYS grabs my opposite arm because there is a mole on it that he has claimed as his comfort  toy.  This makes it incredibly difficult to cuddle my daughter in bed at the same time).  Anyhow the point is that at this point this gorgeous girl of mine still craves those kisses and cuddle – she still wants them and before too long there will be a day when she won’t want them anymore.

SO my (very long winded) thought for the day is Carpe Diem – seize the day, and seize the moment.

Every day these children of ours are growing and learning, and while that is such an amazing blessing these are also days that we will never be able to get back once they are gone.

So for now I’m off to cuddle my ‘babies’.  Because I can.


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  1. That is so true!!! I remember when Ava was 1st born, battling through those first new born weeks and wondering how I was going to cope and having everyone tell me that once we hit 12 weeks it would get easier. I always thought I’d never make it to 12 weeks! Now my little darling is 6.5 months and I don’t know where the time has gone!

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