*Happy dance*   2 comments

Whoop whoop!

So AF made her appearance and all is good!  I was disappointed for all of..oh..about 3 seconds, before I realised that this is definitely ‘right’.  I can now finally pack away my ‘neurotic’ hat – I’m really not normally all crazy like this, but this whole episode really shook me to my core!

I’ve also managed to acquire a bit of a tummy bug to boot – which explains why I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous in the past few days!  Nevertheless I’m not feeling too awful and just quite grateful that I don’t have to destroy my hubby’s world!

I did learn one thing from all this though and that is that despite the fact that this is not the right time for us to have a third – I definitely do still yearn for a third baby…someday.   I will keep breaking down working on my hubby and maybe within a year or two when things are more settled we’ll be able to try?!  Or maybe by then I’ll have changed my mind again, who knows.  But for now I’m happy and relieved!

Thanks for the support 🙂

Apart from that I had a lovely time drinking wine at midday with my gal-pal (because I can!) and giggling like a teenager with her all afternoon while our kids danced and played all around us.  Was lots of fun!

Life is good!!!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “*Happy dance*

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  1. Congrats! What a relief!

  2. ah – glad you’re glad about it then! But I still maintain that 3 is the magic number…..x

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