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Okay, so no sign of AF yet and I am on day 30 of my cycle (well if I had to come on today it would be a 29-day cycle).  My cycle hasn’t been longer than 30 days ONCE in the whole 2 years that I’ve been tracking my cycle online.  So if I don’t come on by tomorrow night I’m officially allowed to stress. Big time!

I’m still completely frustrating myself by not knowing what I want.  I *know* I’ll be disappointed if I do suddenly get my period and turn out not to be preggie, but by the same token I’ll be terrified if I am.  Then I keep having to remind myself actually it’s already done – I either am, or I’m not.  It doesn’t help stressing about it and at this point there is no just is what it is.  And then I feel sick at the thought of not knowing for a few more days.  And sick at the thought of finding out for sure.  Not to mention second guessing symptoms all the time – I have been feeling quite nauseous these past few days BUT that could simply be side-effect of stress.  Because I am stressing.  A lot.

Lol.  Are you getting any idea of how het up I am about all of this??? 🙂

Apart from period-watch, I’ve had a good day.  We’re on school holidays at the moment so to get out for a bit we met some friends out at a kiddy-friendly restaurant and spent a few lovely relaxing hours chatting and catching up with the mum’s while the children ran wild.  Was lots of fun 🙂

Now my 5 year old daughter, C, is playing at a friends house while J is relaxing in front of the telly for a few minutes.  Oh the joys of being young and unemcumbered 🙂 🙂

(As an aside my daughter just told me out of the blue this morning that I should have another baby.  She wants another brother because her one “is just so awesome”.  And she’d also like a sister.  EEEEEEEEK!!!)


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  1. Yikes! Waiting must be the worst. Take a deep breath….

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